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PUNCHOUT PEST SERVICES as the company responsible for the INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT Program, our primary objective is to exclude the introduction of exotic insect pests and diseases bearing vectors (rats/rodents, mosquitoes or cockroaches) into the Residential, Commercial buildings and Offices. Our subsequent objective is to protect and prevent damages to the physical assets/properties by means of regular and routine Pest control services. We at Punchout Pest Control services understand the importance of effectively taking care of any pests that may cause danger to you and your property.  We take pride in bringing quality and reliable pest control service to our valued clients.

Pest Management is a crucial matter to promote a healthy, safe and sanitary environment.  In a highly regulated industry, expectations on pest prevention and eradication are vastly in demand and treatment options are very limited.


Our PEST FREE SOLUTION services include prevention and eradication of:

PUNCHOUT PEST SERVICES consist of skilled and competent staff with several years of experience in environmental care and pest control services. Our personnel undergo specialized courses and  are certified in environmental care and pest control seminars. The management team is composed of dependable professionals who have long standing service in the pubic, private and international sectors. They possess efficient management skills and hands on expertise in various fields including environmental care and pest control services. The public is therefore assured of quality advice on environmental care, pest control services and treatment.

At PUNCHOUT PEST SERVICES, we utilise the latest state of the art equipment and employ most sophisticated technology to identify pest problems and recommend appropriate treatment at moderate costs. Our services are entirely to the client’s utmost satisfaction.

Pest Free Solution is a highly effective treatment system in pest management using an approach that involves seven principles: It is a known fact that regular and routine pest control treatments are essentially required for Residential, Commercial Buildings and Offices and it is an ongoing process.

1. Conduct hazard analysis and identify preventive measures
2. Identify Critical Control Points (CCP)
3. Establish critical limits
4. Monitor CCP
5. Establish corrective action to be taken when a critical limit deviation occurs
6. Establish a record-keeping system
7. Establish verification procedures

PUNCHOUT PEST SERVICES can provide its customers with unique and effective solutions that address every factor in pest prevention and eradication exclusively for each food processing facility and sensitive environments.


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Licensed Operator by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia (Member of Pest Control Association of Malaysia)


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